Today's blog is from our sister franchisee, Kat out in sunny CA! To read more about Kat (and maybe refer a friend!) and find out about her classes, visit her website.

I Want to Try Stroller Strides, But My Child Won’t Stay in the Stroller!

This is the number one reason moms of toddlers won't try a class, even though our classes are filled with toddlers. And I get it! There was a period of about 6 months where my daughter didn't want to stay in the stroller either. She fussed, she whined. She took off her seat belt and would run around, so I would have to teach and try to catch her at the same time. It was frustrating and exhausting, but it didn't last. If there is one thing I've learned while raising my children, it's that I can be infinitely more patient than them and I will always win in the end. It's because I am their mom and eventually they will have to follow my rules. So to all the moms of toddlers struggling with the idea of coming to a Stroller Strides class, I'd love to share a little mommy-to-mommy advice.


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Motherhood is usually portrayed online by smiles, kisses and cuddles, but in reality, it’s SO much more. Let’s pull back the curtain to help make moms struggling with sleep deprivation, sickness, messes and toddler meltdowns know they’re not alone. We’ve all been there and have humorous stories to share. From now until Friday, August 18th, we are hosting a contest to encourage our village to share REAL mom moments. Here’s how it works:

  1. Post an image on Facebook or Instagram of a REAL mom moment – this could be anything from spit-up running down your shoulder to your kid on the ground at the store kicking and screaming. These photos don’t have to include photos of you or your children… they could be photos of the mess they left behind, or for you pregnant mamas out there, it could be a photo depicting one of the many unwanted side effects (e.g. "pregnancy brain" moments, swollen feet, crackers by the bed).
  2. Add a caption to the photo using the hashtag #themotherhoodisreal and mention FIT4MOM by tagging our public Facebook (...
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May was all about Mama but that doesn't mean the kiddos didn't have fun as well! While it's been raining a lot in NOVA, we've been taking advantage of the sunshine while we have it with impromptu playdates after Stroller Strides classes.

Mosaic instructor Carrie brought her big parachute to class and it was a HUGE hit for the mamas and littles. We took turns making it go up and down and even giggled when we got "trapped" underneath it.

Our craft for the month was handprint flower pots for Mother's Day. Each kiddo had the opportunity to make as many as they wanted and we know there were big smiles on mamas and grandmas faces when they received them!

The best part about Stroller Strides are the connections we make with other moms and the friendships for the kids. While we do meet after almost every class for chat, snacks, and bonding, we do host four playgroups a month that are themed. You can register for these free playgroups HERE! (We do ask that you attend Stroller Strides before...


Body Back Week 8

I’m so excited about my results, you guys! I lost seven pounds and more than seven inches during my eight-week session. I beat my previous times and did more reps on all my strength and endurance tests (except for sit-ups--oof). Check my stats and photos!

Big thanks to Jeanine, Nikki, Jaclyn, all the Body Back instructors, and my teammates. It’s great to be surrounded by so many inspiring women.

I’ve gotten a monthly pass and plan on keeping up Body Back at least twice a week and a Stroller Barre or Stroller Strides class once a week too. I feel like the subtle strength moves in Stroller Barre especially are a nice complement to Body Back’s HIIT format. I’ve come a long way from when I’d go to Stroller Strides maybe once every couple of weeks. I’m the strongest and most energetic I’ve ever been, which helps me help my family and community.

I’m not sure if I’ll continue journaling, but I’ve hit a happy medium with food. I haven’t cut certain foods out...

running in parking lot.jpg

Hello, friends! Just a quick check-in with you guys. By the time you read this, I will be a few days away from wrapping up my Transformation session. I’m feeling pretty confident about what my results will be, at least in terms of my goals (planking for at least a minute, lose at least five pounds and then maintain after Easter). Otherwise, I haven’t tested myself on any of the assessment points, such has how many bicep curls I can do in a minute, but I figure there should be improvements on every point.

As with Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre, I’ve enjoyed being part of this great group of strong, motivated women. For many years I was too self-conscious about my body to exercise in any format other than solo. I love the challenge of doing something that wouldn’t have come naturally to my younger self but now helps me feel good.

Physically, the hardest part of this session is getting enough sleep the night before class! (Your mileage may vary if you choose a class at a different time of day.) I love my quiet...

unnamed (6).jpg

We survived spring break! We stayed in town and (I’m dating myself here) I became Cruise Director Julie and shuttled Elena and Daniel to various activities. Stroller Strides wasn’t in the cards for us because I’d just sold off our double stroller, so those early-morning Body Back classes were more important than ever to keep me sane before I had to be on for the day.

Our usual Saturday early morning activities were on hold during spring break, so I was able to go on the weekend as well. Yay for outdoor classes! Nikki taught one of the ones I went to; her class combined spring holidays, with one station dedicated to the Cliffs Notes version of the Ten Plagues (e.g. boils starts with b, so do a minute of burpees, which also start with b and are only slightly less fun). The last station was a very hoppy egg hunt. Most eggs had exercises inside--I think I did about 45 push-ups total--but some had treats; one of my eggs had a couple of tiny chocolate chip cookies.

Something I’ve learned these past few weeks is that if...


Body Back Week 4

I like to cook, but I don’t always love it, and it can be hard to make meals and snacks when the kids are underfoot. I’m a big fan of prepping ahead, or making ahead and freezing big batches. I try to do a lot of this when they’re asleep or in school, but sometimes that doesn’t work out and I just have to carry on in the kitchen while they’re otherwise occupied; during those times I try to ignore whatever they’re doing until I hear sobbing or screaming.

Here are some of the Body Back recipes I’ve tried so far that are now in regular rotation:

Berry Cobbler Overnight Oats - I like the generous portion of chunky fruit and the natural sweetener (maple syrup) rather than the artificial sweetener in the oatmeal packets I used to buy.

Egg and Avocado Sandwich - I’ve made egg-in-the-hole before, but never with avocado. I was surprised at how filling one slice of toast can be once it’s loaded with good stuff. Jeanine also suggested boiled eggs or...

mama jess hard things.jpg

Body Back Week 2

I’m loving the sunshine and warmer weather we’ve been having lately!

Spring has been the theme for the week at Body Back. One of Jeanine’s classes this week was picnic-themed; our props were red Solo cups and paper plates. I was able to carve out time to go to class on Saturday too, which Nikki taught. The rain predicted earlier in the week held off and we had class outdoors in the park. Some blossoms which must have bloomed after our late-season snow a few weeks ago were also out for us to admire.We ran or power-walked from station to station and had about two miles’ worth of steps during that hour. Not too shabby!

One of the things I love about Body Back classes is the variety. There’s a different format every time, so you’re never bored. Here’s my counting sheet from our I Can Do Hard Things workout. It’s a great example of competing only with yourself, with no judgement of any kind from anyone. For each round, you try to do as many of each move as you can in...

Mama with the Gym Hair.png

Week one of Body Back--done!

On the first day of the session, Jeanine took aside those of us participating in the Transformation program for assessments. She took our measurements (weight was self-reported) and then we did some fitness tests, like measuring how long you can plank, and how many bicep curls with 10-pound weights can you do in a minute.

Here are my stats:

Weight: 148.5 lbs.

Chest: 39 ⅜”

Waist: 39 ¼”

Hips: 41 ¾”

Thigh: 23”

Run: 1 minute 3 seconds

Bicep curls in one minute: 22

Plank: 52 seconds

Push ups in one minute: 30

Sit-ups: 0

Squats in one minute: 36

Side bridge: 31 seconds

I’m closer to my goal of a minute-long plank than I thought! We’ll see where I am with that as well as the other measurements in seven weeks.

During assessments, the rest of the class rotated through stations with different exercises at them; we joined in after assessments. My...

Mama with the Gym Hair.png

Body Back Blog Post - Pre-Session

Hi, I’m Jess, a FIT4MOM lifer! Over the next eight weeks I’ll keep you posted on my Body Back Transformation journey. I hope you’ll join me.

Let me tell you more about myself. My husband Steve and I have been living in the DC area since he graduated from law school; he’s an attorney for the federal government. I worked for a literacy nonprofit until our daughter Elena was a year old. She’s seven now, and big sister to our four-year-old son Daniel. I love making stuff (current favorite crafts include knitting and sewing) and would love to carve out time for more. I still volunteer at my old nonprofit too.

I’ve been going to Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre since Elena was a little less than two years old. (See? Lifer.) We went about once a week, all the way through my pregnancy with Daniel, and headed back once he was a few weeks old. It’s great to hang out with other moms, plus I know I’m doing something good for myself and my kids. As the...

Crayon HeartValentine's.png

Looking for an easy, non-candy Valentine for your kiddo to pass out at school or Stroller Strides?

Do you also have a million broken crayons lying around? (Raises hand)

Try these homemade heart crayons! You can take all of those old crayons and make these adorable Valentines.

Peel, break into pieces, fill a heart silicone mold, then place in the oven (place silicone heart tray on another cookie sheet) for 230 degree Fahrenheit for 15 minutes. After they are cooled, pop them out and place on a cute printed out or handmade card!

We like these because they are the perfect treat for kiddos with allergies and those avoiding processed treats. And what toddler doesn't love to color?

We found this idea from another blogger. Visit...



We haven't had much snow in NOVA this January, but we have had lots of it at Stroller Strides and Our Village playgroups!

Who knew that some foam cups and a loofah would create such fun! We had a blast this month singing about and exploring SNOW (or fake snow). The kiddos enjoyed snowman bowling, snow ball fights (with tissue paper), picking up snow with trucks, and making snow scenes.

Another big hit this month was pelting our moms and dads with indoor snowballs while they exercised. These were a Christmas gift and they have been a big hit for both indoor fun at home and at Stroller Strides!

Check out our village Pinterest page for more winter fun activities!

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I think most mamas can agree that Halloween to New Year's is basically a blur. How we went from Trick or Treating to Candy Canes so quickly this year blows my mind. My daughter woke up Nov 1st with her holiday wish list, complete with notations about color variations and back-up choices. #themotherhoodisreal

This season of busyness, and a conversation with my sweet grandmother, has made me realize how much I have to be thankful for this holiday season.

1) The ability to buy the things on my children's wish list. By no means does that mean that they are getting everything that they wished for, but I am grateful that I am able to provide them with the things they want.

2)The ability to fulfill things on other's people's wish list. Our sweet neighborhood here in Falls Church, VA adopts two families for the holidays and provides them with everything on their wish lists, including meals. It sets the mood in our neighborhood every season and I love that we are helping others as group. It's important that our children know that the holidays aren't just for...


Ah, family photos. What's not to love?

Mom spends no less than two months searching and scouring for the perfect outfits for her three beautiful children and super handsome husband only to be poo-pooed for her choices. The 4 year old doesn't care of course, but the 7 year old cannot Ew. Gross. And how outlandish for her to suggest that her husband wear a color other than black or navy? TEAL?!?!? Inconceivable. The search for the elusive perfects outfits continues. Thank goodness for Old Navy super cash days and a lax return policy because we all know those outfits aren't getting returned until June.

One month until family photos and the mother gently urges the father to get a haircut and take the four year old with him. She doesn't want a repeat of the wedding photos when he had that "freshly shorn" look. Husband enthusiastically responds with a Yes! and promises to do so the next day. The next day Michigan loses their first game all year and he enters into a "man-flu" like state. Whilst travelling the next week he conveniently...

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 9.01.59 AM.png

Oh, the holiday season; the time of the year filled with joy, sparkle, crisp air....and playing Santa for family, friends, co-workers and the less fortunate. Whether you've been naughty or nice this year, we won't judge, because, well, #themotherhoodisreal.

This year at FIT4MOM we've created THE ultimate gift-giving guide for the healthy mamas in your life. Whether they're a city dweller, hippie mama, girl-next-store, yogi mom, home chef, mountain-mama, or beach merbabe, we've covered it ALL. From our favorite gadgets, apparel, cookbooks, fitness gear, and oh-so-much more, enjoy our 2016 Healthy Mama Holiday Gift Guide!

The best part? You can do all your shopping from your fingertips, because each item pictured is numbered and linked below each image board. So pour yourself a glass of bubbly or 'booch, practice your best HO HO HO impression, and may your days and nights be merry and...


We know you are just like us and wait all year for pumpkin lattes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin candles. We have something to take your pumpkin obsession a bit further and think your kids will enjoy it too!

Check out this great Pumpkin Pie Playdough recipe. It's a perfect activity to keep them occupied during the colder fall days while you sip on that pumpkin latte :)



  1. Combine the dry...
Copy of 560px x 315px – Untitled Design.png

This month's M.O.M is Carrie! She's a working mom of two on maternity leave who crushes it at Stroller Strides every week. Your rock, mama!

1. How long have you been married?

7+ years

2. How did you meet?

Playing kickball on the National Mall

3. How old is your little one?

Ryan is almost 3 (in December) and Ethan is 3.5 months

4. What do you like to do as a family?

We love playing hide and seek with our oldest. He's still getting the hang of the part where HE hides...

5. What is your favorite part of motherhood?

Seeing the world through my kids' eyes. My oldest used to cheer when the bread popped out of the toaster oven. It made me realize that there are so many little things to be happy for every day.

6. What is one piece of advice you would give a first time mom?

Trust yourself. Even though you've never been a mom, you will somehow just know how to be a mother. Trust your instincts and don't Google everything!

7. How long have you been involved in SS?

Since June of 2016

8. What classes do...

Copy of Copy of TITLE.jpg

Hi, moms! I’m Kim Creigh with Creigh♥ations and I help busy moms spend more quality time with their kids by providing educational craft kits, memorable gifts, and original birthday party decor. Basically, I bring Pinterest to you!

After throwing what some may consider an over-the-top “Year in a Flash” first birthday party for my son, lots of family and friends asked what party store {gasp!} I found my decorations. I explained that I did not like anything at the party store so I made everything myself! I started making party decorations for friends as gifts, and this combined with my husband’s fabulous last name {pronounced Cree}, led to Creigh♥ations {Creations}.

I taught elementary school for 6 years before staying home with my babies. Now, my babies {or little interns!} are almost 3 and 4 years old and I feel so lucky to be able to work from home with them. They are a huge part of “my why.” My boys even “help” with some of the crafting!

While custom birthday party decorations started my business, I’ve expanded to double-sided holiday banners, EOS lip balm...

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This month's M.O,M is Body Back mama, Caroline H!

The changes Caroline has made in her Body Back journey are astounding. She makes NO excuses for putting herself first. She has a full time job that requires a lot of travel, two young children, and a husband with a busy work schedule. Even though she lives further west than our AM Body Back classes, she makes the drive in at least once a week to take class with Jeanine because she knows it is worth it.

"My journey with Body Back started a little over a year ago. I first came to FIT4MOM after the birth of my second child and I was looking to get back in shape while on maternity leave. Once my maternity leave finished, I realized that I wanted to continue my journey getting into shape as well as pushing myself to become stronger. I had always considered myself athletic and in good shape. I am a runner and have completed both half and full marathons. Though, if you asked me to do a burpee or side plank I would collapse in about 20 seconds depending on the day. So I started my journey, and over eight weeks I completed two...

Copy of TITLE.jpg

Hi! I'm Kathryn Brunner! As an early childhood music educator, I am passionate about child development and music literacy. Since 2005, I have had the privilege of leading over one thousand young children in joyful musical play in my own piano and Musikgarten studio, church and community.

I'm on a mission to help parents and children enjoy making music together. The benefits are endless! Neurological networking. Attention skills. Motor development. Coordination. Balance. Impulse control. Language skills. Affectionate bonding with you and so much more!

At Musik at Home ( I offer Musikgarten's developmentally sequenced classes online by way of video to help you savor precious musical moments and give your child a solid foundation on the path to music literacy! In my classes, I come alongside parents like you to help you incorporate music into every day life with your little one.

Musik at Home is a totally avante garde way of doing music class designed for busy parents of babies, toddlers and...

Untitled design (8).jpg

I live on a busy street in my little city. We see barely a car go by during the day but in the mornings and early evenings, it really picks up. Our driveway is long and our garage sits at the back of our property. The kids like to ride their bikes and scooters up and down the driveway. We make them stop at the big crepe myrtle tree about 3/4 of the way down so that they don't accidentally roll into the street. They take turns yelling "Turn 'round!" so each sibling is reminded.

I watch them like a hawk, My eyes are never off them for a second when we are playing in the driveway, I trust that they won't go into the street. That they understand what would happen if they did. That they know it's dangerous. That they shouldn't do it.

Until, one Friday afternoon, my four old didn't remember.

Ball. Toddler in my arms. Laughter. Ball rolls toward street. Truck is coming. 4 year old is running...

I scream his name and run after him as a truck barrels past our driveway. I barely have him in my arms when his ball bursts from the truck running over it. All that's...

Untitled design (7).jpg

This month's M.O.M is Melinda R!!!

When I bought this franchise back in 2014, Melinda was already a client. Since she's a teacher, I didn't get the pleasure of meeting her until we launched our Saturday classes. We love having her at class every Saturday! Her son Leo is a great assistant! She's also been coming to Body Back every week for a year and gets stronger every week.

1. How long have you been married?

Jeff and I will be celebrating our 9th anniversary in a month.

2. How did you meet?

We met on jdate (like for Jews). It turned out that we knew many people in common and joked that someone eventually would have set us up.

3. How old are your kiddos?

My kids are Leo, who turned 6 yesterday, and Halley who recently turned 2.

4. What do you like to do as a family?

As a family, we like to play outside. Leo is involved in many activities so a lot of our weekend time is spent watching him together.

5. What is your favorite part of motherhood?

My favorite...

Copy of Copy of Instructor of the (1).jpg

There have been a few moments in my career as a FIT4MOM franchisee where I have had "AHA!" moments. This month's instructor of the month, Cat, walking into her first Stroller Strides class was one of them.

Cat came to class one day last summer with her toddler, Max. I was intimidated. She was FIT. (Only later did I discover that she was an Ironman... a fact that I would wear on a t-shirt daily while shouting it from the rooftops, but not her...she's more modest than I am!) Having recently quit her job as an attorney to be a SAHM, she was looking for fun things to do with her son. She also informed us that she was planning on moving soon and was interested in maybe buying her own franchise someday,

I don't typically hire people I don't know well, and certainly people who have never been to my classes. But Cat was different...I suggested she come on board to get her feet wet, that way when she did move, she'd have great teaching experience under her belt.

Well, Cat has done more than get her feet wet. She took over our Tuesday classes at Mosaic District last...

Untitled design (1).png

This month's M.O.M is Alisha M.!

At Alisha's first class, she showed up with a huge smile on her face. We haven't caught her not smiling since:) She tells everyone she meets about FIT4MOM and how much they need it. We love Alisha and the positive energy she brings to Our Village!

1. How long have you been married?

I have been married for 2.5 years.

2. How did you meet?

We met at a wine tour in Middleburg, Virginia about seven years ago and I asked him to take a picture of me, and that is how the conversation started.

3. How old is your little one?

Isabella is two and a half months, and my stepdaughter, Sofia, is 14.

4. What do you like to do as a family?

We love anything sports related. Going to Sofia's soccer games, Nationals games, and watching the Caps.

5. What is your favorite part of motherhood?

I love seeing her smile at me and feeling the incredible amount joy she brings to everyone in our life. All my favorite things are so much more special because I can experience them with Isabella.

6. What...


Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes

Mother’s Day is upon us and the women in our village are an exceptional bunch. This is the time of year where we get to show our appreciation for those women in our lives who have helped us to become the mothers we are today. If you're lucky enough to live near these wonderful women in your life, here are a few brunch recipes that may help you spoil those ladies this Sunday. That being said, these recipes are some of my favorites for any brunch we host so add them to your recipe box – they won’t disappoint. And…Maybe, just maybe, you have a significant other that can whip some of these up for you on Sunday. Enjoy!

Strawberry Greek Yogurt Banana Bread

A favorite recipe in our household, not just for Mother’s Day!

Recipe from

1 3/4 cups flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup brown sugar

3 large overripe bananas, mashed

2 eggs


Copy of Instructor of the.png

I didn't solicit from our members this month about what they love about our April instructor of the month, not because I didn't think they would respond, but because I wanted to be the one to list all of the reasons why Natacha Moore was chosen.

Natacha began her journey with FIT4MOM after she quit her job as a full time teacher to stay home with her fourth baby. She showed up at our grand opening in October of 2014 and from the moment she signed in, I knew she was special. She bought a monthly membership that day and came faithfully every week. She didn't know this then, but I knew I had to have her on my team in some capacity.

After the new year, I decided to ask Natacha if she would consider attending the instructor training that was coming up in March. Her answer? NO. She couldn't believe that I would even consider it. She said "I'm not fit enough, no one will take me seriously. I can't do it."

I didn't take it personally. I KNEW she would realize she was being crazy and would eventually say yes. Late one night a couple of weeks later, I got a text saying...


In honor of my 30th birthday, I am sharing 30 things I love about FIT4MOM.

1.) It gave me a career I can be proud of. Since I didn't attend traditional college, I didn't have many prospects in the job department. Owning a FIT4MOM franchise gave me the opportunity to contribute to my family financially but more importantly it gave me a JOB. One that I am really stinkin' proud of.

2.) I am in the best shape of my life. 20 year old me has got nothing on 30 year old me. Skeptical? Ask my husband how he feels about my butt. Thank-you Stroller Barre!

3.) It's fun. Going to Stroller Strides/Stroller Barre/Fit4Baby/Body Back is NOT like going to work out. It's FUN! Where else can you laugh while doing burpees?

4.) It's safe. Even when I'm having an "off" day and feel like there is no way I can possibly do another lunge, I feel supported. No one judges me when I show up unshowered and unmotivated. On the flip side, when I am ready to crush it, (I'm talking to you mountain climbers) no one judges me either. It's a safe space no matter what fitness level I'm...

Untitled design (3).jpg

This month's M.O.M is Erica W!

Erica is really special to me because she is one of my oldest clients...she's been with me for nearly my entire journey as a FIT4MOM franchisee. I met Erica when she was a brand new mommy when I owned FIT4MOM Houston. When she moved to NOVA last fall, I was thrilled to have her back in my Village!

1)How long have you been married?

Craig and I have been married for 6 years.

2)How did you meet?

We actually grew up in the same town and went to the same high school (although we didn't know each other then). He was a friend of my sisters and started talking while I was in college. We dated long distance for 2.5 years and finally moved closer to one another when I graduated.

3)How old are is your little one?

Kelsey is 2.5 and we have #2 on the way in September.

4)What do you like to do as a family?

We love going to the playground together. It's Kelsey's favorite place and I love watching Craig play on the equipment with her. They always have a blast.

5) What is your favorite part of...

Favorite Things-Baby-Toddler Items.jpg

So, you've made it past the newborn stage. Congratulations! And, you've managed to put all of that stuff you registered for to good use...or at least most of it. But now you are entering uncharted territory. You have a baby who is eating purees and real people food. They aren't staying on that play mat like they did a few short months ago. You need new gear...FAST.

While I was pretty confident with our picks for newborn gear, there seems to be less time spent on items that are great for the 6-month and beyond set. So in an effort to share some things that we have found and loved, I've compiled a list of five items that we couldn't live without. These items are not only loved by us but also by our little guy. My criteria for picking these items was that the item stood the test of time not only in durability but also that we've been able to use the items for longer than a few months. In fact, I can honestly say that we've used these 5 items for well over 9 months and still use them daily/weekly. Hopefully this short list will be helpful for some of you mommas with little...

Untitled design (1).jpg

Jasmine Wood is the creator of the functional and adorable headbands from Fleurty Bands!

I am a full time school nurse, with two very active boys at home. My husband and I were high school sweethearts and we just celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary! We have two very active boys, Cameron (13) and Tyler (9). Our family moved to Northern Virginia from Louisiana in 2007 and love it here! Our weeks are filled with lacrosse, cub scouts, church activities, and sewing lots of headbands!

I started FleurtyBands two years ago on a whim. At the time, I just wanted a sewing machine so I could learn to sew scout patches on their uniforms--you know, trying to do the mom thing! Then I started playing around with other sewing projects...pillows, hand warmers, curtain toppers...and a friend asked me to make her a headband for volleyball, so I played around a bit and she loved it. I made a few more, and before you know it, I had an Etsy shop and a ton of new followers in love with my headbands. I never thought it would be more than just a hobby, but it has turned into an amazing...

Instructor of the.jpg

"Heather is one of my favorite instructors for several reasons! She's creative and always puts a lot of thought into making the classes fun. The treats she brings to class are the BEST! And most of all, she's always there to lend an ear or commiserate about the many joys of motherhood. :)"- Meg K

"She makes Barre class look effortless! She has the best recipes and is a master at meal planning. She knows every baby product, has tested every product, and can tell you which ones are worth buying. She makes the best baked goods around!" -Caroline E

"I have known Heather for many years since we worked together at school. She went from a preppy collar-popping, Lily wearing, monogram-loving school psychologist to a graceful smiling over-night oat making momma. Heather has a subtle sense of humor that will surprise you when you need it most. Her calm ways are most comforting when you are feeling frazzled. She always seems to know what to say when you need it the most. I’m so glad that Heather and I can embark on this next journey together as we Stroller Stride and...


Obsession can be a funny thing. There’s lighthearted obsession, like me being slightly obsessed with ordering stretchy clothes from Old Navy while I was pregnant. Those clothes were SO comfortable (and yes, I still wear them….). Then, there’s deep, dark, scary obsession along the lines of creepy stalkers or my obsession with my neurotic but adorable cats. #crazycatlady

But, my most recent obsession is egg sandwiches. I mean, I’ve always loved a good egg sammy, but, lately, I’ve really ramped things up. Like every morning for breakfast for the past two weeks obsessed. On the obsession Richter scale this falls way above the online shopping obsession and just below the crazy cat obsession.

Usually, I try to keep my breakfast carb-free – I’m a strict eggs and fruit girl. Buuuut, my grocery store started carrying these super healthy sprouted grain English muffins which are made with all sorts of good-for-you ancient...

Untitled design.jpg

Every month, we will be featuring a mom in Our Village as Mom of the Month! This month's M.O.M is Mary Ann M!

1) Tell us about your family -

How long have you been married? How did you meet? - I've been married for almost 4 years and we met (not until I was 30!) because of a high school friend that I lost touch with. She was in town and invited us both to dinner!

How old are is your little one? I have two daughters. The eldest is 2 and the youngest is 3 months old.

What do you like to do as a family? We love going to Georgetown Basketball games. It's hectic to get two kids from Herndon to the Verizon Center, but we love it once we're there.

2) What is your favorite part of motherhood? The little moments when you see them learn something new, or when they say something like "hi mom" or "I love you" for the first time.

What one piece of advice would you give to a first time mom? The babies don't know what they're doing either, so just take it one day at a time. If you do something you think wasn't right, it doesn't mean your a bad mom, you can...


Laura Punaro, owner of Frontlines CPR, became motivated to start this company when her own daughter choked when she was only ten months old. She knew what to do because she had been trained in infant CPR and choking. She just kept thinking about what could have happened if she didn't know the life saving skills she had been taught. She knew the answer. For that reason, she started Frontlines CPR.

Laura has worked as a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Nurse for eight years. She attended The University of Virginia School of Nursing and began her career as a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Nurse at Children's National Medical Center in Washington, DC. After working at Children's National Medical Center she transitioned to Georgetown University Hospital. Laura is a Certified Instructor for the American Heart Association.

Frontlines CPR is dedicated to teaching people the skills required to save a life. The company offers both private and group classes, making it possible for anyone to get the training they need. Frontlines...


You've managed to convince yourself that you can leave the baby for a couple of hours while you and your partner go out for a meal at a restaurant that doesn't serve chicken nuggets. You scour the internet looking for a place that is close enough to home so you can rush back if you need too and come up short. We've got you covered! We have compiled a list of date night ideas to help you out! As it is currently winter we have tried to keep it to indoor options.

If you live in Vienna:

Bazins on Church St. This place is a GEM in the heart of Vienna. Especially if you are lucky enough to live within walking distance. It's great American food in a cozy atmosphere. BONUS- they have a delicious gluten free menu!

Clarity on Maple Ave. This is a special date night spot also conveniently located in the heart of Vienna. The menu changes daily and includes everything from seafood and steak as well as a wine list to die for. You need to make a reservation as seating is limited and make...