Jeanine Bonds

Falls Church Body Back Lead Instructor

Certified Body Back Pro

I have been enjoying FIT4MOM for over four years, when I started attending Stroller Strides classes regularly with my now 5-year-old son. The classes were a "win-win," where I got to exercise and socialize with other moms, and my son had a built-in playdate with the other children.

When my daughter was born two years later, life became much busier, and I found that I was sacrificing my workouts to get errands done while my son was in morning preschool. Body Back entered my life at exactly the right time. The 8-week journey of fitness and nutrition was truly life changing. For the first time since having both of my children I felt fit, strong and healthy. I loved the "me" time and found it very satisfying to knock out an incredible workout first thing in the morning and have the rest of the day to accomplish my other tasks. I am thrilled to now be a Body Back coach for other moms!

Fun Fact: Jeanine has been a BodyFlow instructor for over 10 years with Gold's Gym. BodyFlow is a class that incorporates yoga, tai chi and pilates, all choreographed to current music.

Saturday – July 29, 2017

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