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Look at that baby on the left sitting so nicely in her stroller enjoying Stroller Strides... Then notice the two Munchkins front and center acting like fools. I'll give you THREE guesses who they belong to... . . . . . #themotherhoodisreal #FIT4MOM #strollerstrides #ourvillage #toddlermom #toddlerlife #toddlersofinstagram #momlife #itsfine #takesavillage @fit_4_mom @bobgearus


"This is my mom and my dad's ex-wife (who I still call my Bonus Mom despite the fact that she and my dad divorced 15 years ago) reading bedtime stories to baby Isla. Two women who I'm sure when they met thought they had nothing in common. Turns out a love for their children (and now grandchildren) is something that can bring any two people together. I am so blessed to have a mom and a bonus mom who support me and guide me through motherhood, and my kids are even luckier to have two fabulous Grandmas who will read Llama Llama as many times as they want." Instructor Manager Nikki Craig on her Mom & Bonus Mom #Weekofmama #MONTHOFMAMA #Mothersday

Bunmi Laditan

How To Make A Mom Friend in 20 Simple Steps: 1. Visit a park at a high traffic time (between 10AM-Noon or 4-6PM) 2. Select your MARK. Choose a woman with a child around your child's age. For compatibility's sake, make sure her grooming/hygiene level matches yours (if you look like a swamp dwelling yoga instructor who has never heard of shampoo, find another mom who looks like a swamp dwelling yoga instructor who has never heard of shampoo). 3. Discreetly observe your mark's interactions with her child. Does she look a little bored, like she'd rather by in bed with a caramel macchiato scrolling Instagram? Good she's normal. 4. Convince your child to play in the vicinity of your new best friend. 5. Creepily encourage your child to share/play with her child whether or not they want you. If your child resists, whisper "Stop being selfish, all you do is take, Mommy needs this," in their ear. Promise them chocolate if you have to. It's go time. 6. Using your best preschool teacher voice, say "Hello" to your mark's child so that the mom notices you. Then to your child say, "Hey (your kid's name), isn't (her kid's name) nice/fun/beautiful/gifted?" 7. Smile at your new best friend. (If she has already picked up her child and moved away from you with an alarmed look on your face abandon the mission entirely and go home before the police arrive). 8. If she smiles back, make a funny remark about the weather or life. Don't get too heavy right away. Things like, "I'm desperately lonely" or "I crave human touch" or "What's your opinion on blood oaths?" would all fall into the "Too Much" category. 9. Tell the mark you first name. "Mommy" is not your first name. If you can't remember your government name, check your driver's license. It should be right on there. Ask your mark her name. 10. If your mark hasn't abruptly left yet, ask her if she lives in the area. Use a relaxed, disinterested voice so she doesn't think you're a burglar. 11. Talk to your mark about life. Be truthful but avoid controversial subjects such as politics, religion, or forward-facing carseats. 12. Make sure your chid is still at the park with you. 13. Ask your mark about her life. While she's talking, maintain eye contact. If she fidgets, don't ask her if she has to potty. That's only for children. 14. At some point during the conversation, look at your child and your mark's child and say, "Wow, they play so well together" even if your kid has her kid in a headlock. Just say it. 15. When one of you is getting ready to leave, admit you've already forgotten her name and have her say it back to you. Repeat it three times to help burn it into your brain. Then say, "Hey, we're both legally responsible for minors, would you like to be legally responsible for our minors together sometime in my home if you don't think I'm a murderer or in yours unless I get a bad vibe upon entry?" 16. If she says yes, exchange phone numbers. Let her know that you only text and that under no circumstances should she ever attempt to call you, ever. Use a threatening tone so she gets it. 17. Go home and get lost in your life. 18. Wonder why you don't have friends. 19. Remember the park interaction but figure your mark probably forgot about you or hates you by now, who knows. 20. Two weeks later, visit the park. Begin again from Step 1. My first novel Confessions of a Domestic Failure about a first-time mom who feels like motherhood has personally slapped her in the face comes out in four days! It's fiction but based on my experiences trying not to ruin my children. I hope you guys like it. :) Preordering it so it arrives sooner than later is easy and fun: Amazon print: · Amazon Kindle: · iBooks: · Nook: · B&N Print: · Kobo: · Google:

We know another really good way to make mom friends! FIT4MOM!!! 👩🏻👩🏼👱🏽‍♀️👱🏻‍♀️👩🏾👩🏿👩🏽 #allthemoms #MONTHOFMAMA #FIT4MOM