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New mama looking for a way to make mom friends

Kylie P

When I moved to Northern Virginia from San Francisco, I was looking for a way to meet new mom friends. I had a complete misunderstanding about what Stroller Strides entailed. I expected to be "strolling" through the mall with other moms. Little did I know I would not only get to meet new mom friends, but get a great workout at the same time.

I love starting my day with a stroller strides or stroller barre class. I probably come 4-5 days a week. It's a great chance to be a role model for your child to lead a healthy lifestyle, have fun with other moms, and sweat a little. My daughters love the silly songs we sing, the bubbles and other props the instructors use, and watching the Mommys, and sometimes even a Daddy, workout.

I feel very lucky that I found this organization.

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Stroller Strides during Maternity Leave

Jessica B

I think you're doing a great job. It can be intimidating to get out with a new baby and you all offer a welcoming and supportive environment. You have made such a positive impact on my maternity leave. Thank you!

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Body Back made me a better runner!


Body Back has made me a strong, faster runner!

I started running 18 months ago at a very recreational level. I was very happy completing a bunch of local 5K's and even a few 10K. But last spring, I decided to get more serious with the goal of running the Army Ten Miler and my very first half marathon this fall. I knew I needed something more to help me get stronger and build my endurance. I also wanted to work some of the muscles that don't get worked in running. Fortunately, through some friends I discovered Body Back with Jaclyn! I did a mini session this summer and did exercises that I had never done before in my life - my first burpee for example! I enjoyed my mini session so much I found a way to fit a 8 session pass into our crazy schedule this fall.

I am delighted to report that I have now run 2 ten mile races, including the Army Ten Miler, earning PR's in both races. My Army Ten Miler time was 17 minutes faster than my very first 10 mile run in July. I have also run a PR in a 10K and I so excited for my half marathon in November! I am also hoping to...


Fit4Mom AND Dad!

The Eskow family

I joined Stroller Strides when my son was 6 weeks old because I wanted to get back in shape after 9 months of zero exercise. Little did I know that I would meet so many great moms in the group, who are now my closest mommy friends. It has been such a great activity and a fun way to get in shape (and it takes a lot for me to say that!) After a couple of weeks of my husband hearing me rave about the class, he decided he had to check it out for himself. Now he can't get enough of it either! He says he doesn't want to work full-time because he'd rather be at Stroller Strides every day. Now he is my motivation for going on Saturdays as a family.

I can't say enough great things about Stroller Strides...I tell every mom I know about it!

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Member turned Instructor

Natacha M

"I joined Stroller Strides in October of 2014 as a new SAHM of four children looking for a way to get fit and meet moms. After my first class I was hooked! I have made lasting friendships and feel stronger than ever. Not only can I spend quality time with my youngest daughter, I'm setting a lasting example for her as she grows. Fit4Mom has offered me so much that I've even decided to become an instructor."

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Stroller Strides is harder than bootcamp!

Molly F

Is it bad if I put Fit4Mom passes on my baby registry? Only Fit4Mom passes? This is what I was thinking as I anticipated baby #3. Twice now, I have done Fit4Mom classes during my maternity leave to jump start my fitness routine. It is AWESOME. Not only is it like boot camp but harder (Yes, harder! I never pushed 100 pounds of baby + stroller when I used to do boot camp classes!), It is an instant network of amazing mommies and babies. I am so thankful for Fit4Mom and recommend it to all of my friends.