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Body Back made me a better runner!


Body Back has made me a strong, faster runner!

I started running 18 months ago at a very recreational level. I was very happy completing a bunch of local 5K's and even a few 10K. But last spring, I decided to get more serious with the goal of running the Army Ten Miler and my very first half marathon this fall. I knew I needed something more to help me get stronger and build my endurance. I also wanted to work some of the muscles that don't get worked in running. Fortunately, through some friends I discovered Body Back with Jaclyn! I did a mini session this summer and did exercises that I had never done before in my life - my first burpee for example! I enjoyed my mini session so much I found a way to fit a 8 session pass into our crazy schedule this fall.

I am delighted to report that I have now run 2 ten mile races, including the Army Ten Miler, earning PR's in both races. My Army Ten Miler time was 17 minutes faster than my very first 10 mile run in July. I have also run a PR in a 10K and I so excited for my half marathon in November! I am also hoping to run a PR in a 5K race once I get through my half marathon training - my training times for this distance are down by about 2 minutes!

Jaclyn and my Body Back classmates have been great cheer leaders over the past 4 months! Thanks for making me faster, stronger, and more confident!


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