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10 things this mama is thankful for this season

I think most mamas can agree that Halloween to New Year's is basically a blur. How we went from Trick or Treating to Candy Canes so quickly this year blows my mind. My daughter woke up Nov 1st with her holiday wish list, complete with notations about color variations and back-up choices. #themotherhoodisreal

This season of busyness, and a conversation with my sweet grandmother, has made me realize how much I have to be thankful for this holiday season.

1) The ability to buy the things on my children's wish list. By no means does that mean that they are getting everything that they wished for, but I am grateful that I am able to provide them with the things they want.

2)The ability to fulfill things on other's people's wish list. Our sweet neighborhood here in Falls Church, VA adopts two families for the holidays and provides them with everything on their wish lists, including meals. It sets the mood in our neighborhood every season and I love that we are helping others as group. It's important that our children know that the holidays aren't just for them.

3)Holiday light displays. They make evening drives more bearable, and cranky kiddos in the car less cranky. Even at 30, I am still blown away by intricate light displays. Admittedly my candy canes stuck haphazardly in the lawn are by no means intricate, but it's on my to do list for the future.

4) The dozens of handmade ornaments on my tree. From the year I was born my grandmother has made me an ornament. When I got married, my mother gave them to me to bring to my home so I would have ornaments to decorate with. My grandmother still makes me an ornament every year, now including ones for my husband and three children. My kids don't think it's fair that I have more ornaments than them and I just tell them it's one of the perk of being the mom.

5) Cookies. I don't even LIKE cookies but how can I resist beautifully handmade snowmen, snowflakes, and Santas? I CANNOT! The struggle is real. The cookies are delicious.

6) Holiday Movies, especially Home Alone. My kids are now old enough to enjoy some of the classics from my youth and hearing them laugh as I did watching Kevin annihilate the bumbling burglars is the best sound of the season.

7) Time off from work. While my franchise maintains a full schedule during the holidays to allow mamas home from work the option to attend class, my husband gets his only real time off from work all year. He travels most weeks of the year and we really don't see him much. Having him home for one blissful week between Christmas and New Years is a gift. (And really, it's the best one)

8) Facetime. My parents can't be with us during the holidays as I have three younger siblings still at home and they can't take the time off work. Thanks to facetime, they can sip coffee on their couch in Texas and watch my babies open their gifts on Christmas morning. It isn't the same of course, but it sure does help.

9) My children. They are magical. My oldest gets really into the spirit of the season and starts making gifts for everyone with items she finds from around the house. While sometimes she quite literally wraps up pieces of trash, it's the thought that counts and the love in her heart that I love the most.

10) Christmas socks and pajamas. I just love them, OKAY?

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