Copy of Spring Marathon 2020 Tracker (1).png

12 Days of Fitness Pandemic Edition

Our FAVE attendance challenge all year is back...with a twist, because's 2020!

We'll be doing 12 mini workouts on Facebook live randomly throughout the month of December. These will be ten minutes of holiday themed fun!

How to check off your classes for the month:

All virtual classes count for one flower!

Attending a LIVE Facebook workout (we'll see who is logged in, so comment!), story time, or commenting on a Mama Move Monday Instagram post counts as 1/2 a flower.

If you do a recording and post a selfie in the village, you get one flower.

That's it! Any mama who attends 12 or more classes during the month is entered to win our grand prize.

Now print of this attendance tracker and register for your workouts!