30 things I love about FIT4MOM

In honor of my 30th birthday, I am sharing 30 things I love about FIT4MOM.

1.) It gave me a career I can be proud of. Since I didn't attend traditional college, I didn't have many prospects in the job department. Owning a FIT4MOM franchise gave me the opportunity to contribute to my family financially but more importantly it gave me a JOB. One that I am really stinkin' proud of.

2.) I am in the best shape of my life. 20 year old me has got nothing on 30 year old me. Skeptical? Ask my husband how he feels about my butt. Thank-you Stroller Barre!

3.) It's fun. Going to Stroller Strides/Stroller Barre/Fit4Baby/Body Back is NOT like going to work out. It's FUN! Where else can you laugh while doing burpees?

4.) It's safe. Even when I'm having an "off" day and feel like there is no way I can possibly do another lunge, I feel supported. No one judges me when I show up unshowered and unmotivated. On the flip side, when I am ready to crush it, (I'm talking to you mountain climbers) no one judges me either. It's a safe space no matter what fitness level I'm currently at.

5.) It challenges me. I've been doing Stroller Strides for 6 years and I'm still challenged by it. The workout changes every single class I'm at and there is always something that I struggle to do. I LOVE that. I walk away from every class feeling like a bad a** mama.

6.) I can BRING MY BABY.,.well at least to Stroller Strides/Stroller Barre. Nothing grosses me out more than plopping my infant (who puts everything in her mouth) in a gym daycare. Instead, I can bring her to class, strap her in, give her a snack, and do some squats. Sometimes she screams her head off, but I figure she'd be screaming no matter where she is so she mine as well be with me while I sweat!

7.) The instructors know their stuff. I am a little biased since I handpicked every single mama I have teaching for me, but I can say with confidence that they are experts when it comes to mama fitness. They take such care in providing each mom with the workout that's appropriate for her, whether she's pregnant, newly postpartum, or a triathlete.

8.) The instructors are REAL. While there are some that have super defined abs and Madonna's biceps, what I love about the FIT4MOM experience is that no two instructors look alike. And they own it. We see them with their flaws and I think, our moms work harder because they see the instructors as real people. I taught a Stroller Strides class one time, brand new pregnant, and barfed in between stations. I later had a mom thank me. She had been embarrassed to come because she too was dealing with morning sickness. And when I didn't bounce back as quickly as I wanted to after baby #3...our moms appreciated that too.

9.) The babies make friends! Some of children's best friends are their Stroller Strides friends. Even my 6 year old looks forward to coming to class because she gets to see her friends. We refer to everyone who comes to Stroller Strides as a friend at our house. Who has been invited to every birthday party since year 1? Our Stroller Strides friends.

10.) Our prenatal class, Fit4Baby, is a game changer. I didn't work out at all with my first. HELLLOOOO long labor!!!! I did Stroller Strides until I delivered with my son, and then took/taught Stroller Strides and Fit4Baby with my third. Fit4Baby made a huge difference in how I felt my entire pregnancy and in my delivery. My midwife commented on how strong my core was up until the day I delivered. It is hands down the best pre-natal work out on the market. It leaves you feeling strong, empowered, and even *gasp* sexy at times. It's my favorite class to take and to teach.

11.) FIT4MOM Conference. It only come every other year, but when it does, it's off the hook.

12.) Our national fitness director, Farel, not only knows her stuff (really, she's not AN expert she's THE expert) but is humble as pie to boot. If there's a training that she's leading, I'm there because she is so full of knowledge and love. And even when I ask a stupid question or think there is no way I can do something, she's there...without judgey eyes. Just answers and a loving heart.

13.) Our CEO, Lisa. I have learned so much from her on how to be a businesswoman and what I love about her is that she challenges us. She forces us to really dig deep and be better.

14.) FIT4MOM taught me how to meditate and just BREATHE, As a mom with three young kids, I can't tell you how crucial this is.

15.) I come for the workout but I stay for the friendship. My FIT4MOM mamas are my truest friends.

16.) FIT4MOM is everywhere! Whether I'm visiting family back home or hitting up the Vegas strip with my hubby, I can find a FIT4MOM workout when I travel...and the best part? They welcome me with open arms as I'm one of their own.

17.) FIT4MOM is my family. I've never been fortunate to live super close to family but I have such a strong support system from my FIT4MOM family that it helps soften the blow.

18.) The other franchisees are the best! They inspire me to be better and do better! We help each other grow daily! It's so refreshing to have such a loving and supportive "work" environment!

19.) My team. I am so lucky to have the smartest, most hard working women, behind me on this endeavor. They are the heart of this business and my franchise would not be where it is today because of them!

20.) Our moms are RAD. We have doctors, lawyers, teachers, musicians, journalists, nurses, FBI mamas, you name it...we got it! It's such a cool group of ladies and I can't believe that I get to hang out with them everyday!

21.) We are inspiring the next generation to be healthy. I know people are skeptical of bringing their children to a workout class (but that's my ME time!) but I can't tell you how amazing it is to have your child cheer you on when you just don't think you can do another push-up. AND to hear your six year say her favorite class at school is PE because exercise is FUN! #bigbeautifulsigh

22.) And when you DO get your Me-time workout at Body Back, you replace cheering children with other cheering mamas. Your fellow Body Back mamas will help you get to the finish line when there's nothing left.

23.) FIT4MOM reminds you that you aren't not alone. It takes a village to raise a mom! We are that village!!

24.) As a new mom , I liked that Stroller Strides was easy. All I had to do was put on my sneakers, grab my stroller and some snacks, and show up.

25.) I'm not as afraid to fail as I used to be. In my former life, I shunned anything that was scary or anything that I figured I would fail at. It all started with my first Stroller Strides when I did that first set of my bravery translates into making business decisions. Four years into this business woman thing and I'm braver than I've ever been in my life. The worst someone will say is no and who is afraid of a little no? :)

26.) FIT4MOM pulled me out of a severe depression after my 3rd was born. I needed A LOT of support and I found it.

27.) I don't miss out on things I don't want to miss out on with my kids. I'm putting in a 30-40 hour work week every week, but I miss nothing when it comes to my kids. I'm there for every party, school show, sporting event, etc.

28.) Obviously being a wife and mother is the most are the most important things in my life but having the opportunity to be a franchisee gave me a deeper purpose.

29.) We are changing lives by creating more empowered mommies!

30.) FIT4MOM taught me the importance of a kegel. ;)

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