April Check In

Hi Village!

I have a monthly paper calendar on my fridge. On it I write the daily activities for each kid, myself, and what's for dinner. We also include the babysitters for each night, birthdays, and funny drawings from certain family members (usually Dad). When I went to rip off March today to start fresh for April tomorrow I was struck with the following thought.

Wow. There's so much we were supposed to do in March that we didn't get to do. Studio Opening. Basketball starting. A show opening. A visit from a grandmother. Field Trips.

As I stood there thinking about all the things that didn't happen, I began to realize all of the things that DID happen.

We all have stayed healthy.

We have had more meals together as a family in the history of us being a family.

We are watching less tv than ever (which makes no sense but I'll take it)

We are baking more, playing more games, learning new things.

We are together.

I won't be dishonest and tell you that this pandemic is awesome and I'm so happy to be stuck at home all of the time. I'm not happy about it. It's hard AF. Without a doubt this has been the most challenging time of my life as a parent, spouse, business owner, person. I'm not unique in this experience...I think we can all say that.

All of this has made it abundantly clear how important the village is. I've always known it was important, but the past three weeks have made me realize that's it's important and vital in ways I never knew it could be. Thank you for being in our village. Thank you for your support, love, honest feedback, exuberance, and light. In many ways I feel more connected to you all now than ever before! Turning this business into a virtual one has been a tremendous job and you've stood by us every step of the way allowing us to figure things out and being totally patient and supportive about it. If I could personally thank each and every person in this letter I would. Know that in my heart I do.

We are all in this together!

All my love for you and for our village-


PS: If you haven't joined our village yet, we'd love to have you. Your first class or playgroup is always free. Just send an email and we'll help you get registered!