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April Instructor of the Month

I didn't solicit from our members this month about what they love about our April instructor of the month, not because I didn't think they would respond, but because I wanted to be the one to list all of the reasons why Natacha Moore was chosen.

Natacha began her journey with FIT4MOM after she quit her job as a full time teacher to stay home with her fourth baby. She showed up at our grand opening in October of 2014 and from the moment she signed in, I knew she was special. She bought a monthly membership that day and came faithfully every week. She didn't know this then, but I knew I had to have her on my team in some capacity.

After the new year, I decided to ask Natacha if she would consider attending the instructor training that was coming up in March. Her answer? NO. She couldn't believe that I would even consider it. She said "I'm not fit enough, no one will take me seriously. I can't do it."

I didn't take it personally. I KNEW she would realize she was being crazy and would eventually say yes. Late one night a couple of weeks later, I got a text saying "I'll do it!".

I could say "and the rest is history", but then you wouldn't know the rest of the story and exactly WHY Natacha is so amazing.

If you know anything about her, you know she doesn't half-do anything. She does everything at 100% (and sometimes it's exhausting for me, a last minute type of gal!) Natacha took over our Tysons classes last summer and immediately started to grow those classes. She made sure every class was unique and special and made a personal goal to reach out to every single mom after each class. Her facebook page is filled with posts about her mamas and her classes and how much she loves what she does.

Last summer, I asked her to help me coordinate our "special events" and be in charge of creating the calendar to help us grow our village. Would it surprise you to say that she doesn't disappoint? From themed classes, to birthday celebrations, to summer playgroups, she delivers an experience worth remembering to our moms and babies. And even just last week, she called me with ideas on how we can do more and be more for our clients. She is constantly seeking to be better!

Aside from her amazing classes and fun filled Our Village event coordinating, Natacha is also a tremendous team player. When I was looking to expand and open a third Stroller Strides location this year, Natacha enthusiastically volunteered to lead those classes even though it meant she had to leave the location she had loved for a year and grown so much. She went where she was needed and as a result, we had our most successful grand opening to date. We could not have opened at Fairfax Corner without her!

On a personal level, I appreciate that Natacha accepts my weirdness and spontaneity. She has become my sounding board for this business and gives me amazing advice when I need it, pumps me up when I need encouraging, and talks me down of the ledge when I am full of frustration and rage. A lot of work is done behind the scenes of FIT4MOM Falls Church Vienna and Natacha has a hand in a lot of it.

Natacha, thank you doesn't seem like enough, but THANK YOU! Our Village would not be where we are today without you. I am blessed and proud to have you as a member of our team and as a friend!


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