April Recap

In April, we carried out a full month of virtual workouts and play groups. Our Village has been busy sharing ideas for fun activities while at home to include: letter/chalk matching, mailing letters to family and friends, scavenger hunt display on contact paper, Spring & Easter Egg dot market tracing, frozen animal search, salt dough ornaments, indoor/outdoor obstacle courses, etc.

Throughout the month, our instructors continued to host virtual yoga, mini-strides, story-time and sing-a-longs for the kiddos. They get the opportunity to see their friends, move their bodies, use their minds and have FUN! We love when the moms share photos of their kids enjoying the hangout and hope that the moms can take advantage of a few minutes of guilt-free screen time and someone else entertaining their little(s)!

May Workout Move:

Hatching Butterfly

With spring all around us, you should see more butterflies!

Start off by sitting on your bottom with your knees up in front of you. Hug your knees into your chest and roll backward, curling up into a small ball. This is your cocoon. Next, you're going to "hatch" out of your cocoon like a butterfly by spreading your arms and legs out as far and wide as you can. Your arms and legs should hover a few inches off the ground as you "fly", supporting yourself with your abdominal muscles. This will help you improve your posture and core muscles.

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