Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

While you'll never find me needing an excuse to drink margaritas, I always have one on Cinco de Mayo. But this day is so much more than a margarita!

As a child growing up in Texas, Cinco de Mayo celebrations were bright, beautiful, and plentiful. If you aren't from Texas you might not know why we celebrate this day in the US.

Isn't it Mexico's Independence Day? No, it's not! That's actually in September.

Cinco de Mayo marks the day the Mexican army, outnumbered mind you, defeated Napoleon's French troops during the Battle of Puebla. This day is also known as "Battle of Puebla Day". It mostly represents a symbolic victory for the government and helped served as a catalyst for the resistance movement. (via the History Channel)

To Texans specifically, it's a big day because it was a native Texan, General Ignacio Zaragoza who lead the army against the French. #texasforever ;)

In 2003, Congress issued a proclamation calling on all Americans to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

So let's celebrate! In our family, we always eat a Mexican dish, listen to my fave Mexican artists, (Selena and Maná specifically), and have margaritas of course.

We have a fun mocktail for our pregnant mamas and for those littles. And as always, make sure to drink responsibly!