Happy Nurse's Day

Today is National Nurse's Day, but when you are the daughter of a nurse, everyday is nurse's day. My mom is the most fantastic nurse I have ever known. As I've gotten older, I've heard her say that she wishes she had been a stay at home because she missed so much time with us. I certainly never felt that way. She was always there for breakfast after a long night shift, and was there for dinner before one. There were many times in our lives when she was the primary breadwinner and I have always thought that she set such a great example for my siblings and I on what being a working mom looked like. Never once do I remember thinking, "Gosh...I wish my mom didn't work so much". I can certainly recall many many times when I have been proud of my mom for her work as nurse. And defintely since becoming a mom I have never been more grateful for my ability to facetime my kid's rash to ask her what she thought. But perhaps the greatest part about having a mom as nurse is having her there when you birth your babies. My third birth was a water birth in a freestanding birth center and I know my mom, an L&D nurse for over two decades at that point, was very nervous about my choice. My mom has seen hundreds of women deliver babies in her career but my first water birth was her first. It was such a remarkable blessing to have her there. I know she was nervous...but nurses never let you see that. Nurses are strong when you can't be, they hold your hand when you need it, and they take care of you in your ugliest moments. They don't judge you when you scream at them, they don't care if you haven't shaved or if you forgot to brush your teeth. Nurses are the magical unicorns of healthcare. I'm lucky that my mom is one of those magical unicorns.

Happy Nurses Day. To my Mom. To my midwives who helped usher in two of my children. To the tough as nails nurse Melinda who helped my OB safely deliver my oldest. To the mamas in our village who are nurses. To every single nurse ever. The world is better place with magical unicorns and we love you.