Join #TheMotherhoodIsReal Movement and Win

Motherhood is usually portrayed online by smiles, kisses and cuddles, but in reality, it’s SO much more. Let’s pull back the curtain to help make moms struggling with sleep deprivation, sickness, messes and toddler meltdowns know they’re not alone. We’ve all been there and have humorous stories to share. From now until Friday, August 18th, we are hosting a contest to encourage our village to share REAL mom moments. Here’s how it works:

  1. Post an image on Facebook or Instagram of a REAL mom moment – this could be anything from spit-up running down your shoulder to your kid on the ground at the store kicking and screaming. These photos don’t have to include photos of you or your children… they could be photos of the mess they left behind, or for you pregnant mamas out there, it could be a photo depicting one of the many unwanted side effects (e.g. "pregnancy brain" moments, swollen feet, crackers by the bed).
  2. Add a caption to the photo using the hashtag #themotherhoodisreal and mention FIT4MOM by tagging our public Facebook (www.facebook.com/Fit4MomFallsChurchVienna) or Instagram (www.instagram.com/fit4momfallschurchvienna) page. IMPORTANT: Please be sure to change the privacy settings for your entry post to "Public" on Facebook or make your Instagram account public so that we are notified and can qualify your entry. If you are uncomfortable with a public post, please send us a direct message letting us know you have submitted an entry so that we can "follow" or "friend" you to see it.
  3. Ask your friends/family to “like” and share your photo post. FIT4MOM will also be sharing your photos throughout the campaign on our public pages so be sure it's a photo you are comfortable with people outside your friend group seeing.
  4. A FIT4MOM panel of judges will select the winners after August 18th based on the reactions/shares from each entry, and creativity of the photo/caption. We will be rewarding moms with the top three entries:
    1. 1st place – Free unlimited monthly membership to any FIT4MOM program ($124 value)
    2. 2nd place - $50 giftcard to Target, Tyson’s or another FIT4MOM partner / local business
    3. 3rd place – FIT4MOM #themotherhoodisreal tank top ($25 value)

If you have any questions, please post a comment on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

Read the official campaign rules here.