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July Mom of the Month

This month's M.O,M is Body Back mama, Caroline H!

The changes Caroline has made in her Body Back journey are astounding. She makes NO excuses for putting herself first. She has a full time job that requires a lot of travel, two young children, and a husband with a busy work schedule. Even though she lives further west than our AM Body Back classes, she makes the drive in at least once a week to take class with Jeanine because she knows it is worth it.

"My journey with Body Back started a little over a year ago. I first came to FIT4MOM after the birth of my second child and I was looking to get back in shape while on maternity leave. Once my maternity leave finished, I realized that I wanted to continue my journey getting into shape as well as pushing myself to become stronger. I had always considered myself athletic and in good shape. I am a runner and have completed both half and full marathons. Though, if you asked me to do a burpee or side plank I would collapse in about 20 seconds depending on the day. So I started my journey, and over eight weeks I completed two workout sessions per week plus the bonus on nutrition. I selected the word nutrition vs diet, because it's more about learning how to eat a cleaner diet, for example limiting your diet Dr.Peppers or Splenda in your coffee. You are allowed to eat anything but the goal is to make better choices. Over the eight week period, I definitely lost weight but more importantly I found a sense of renewed energy to focus on getting healthy for myself as well as for my family. The whole time in both of my pregnancies, I would be so careful with each bite of food, avoiding anything that might harm the baby. I forgot that I needed to have that same outlook when it came to my own health. So,the biggest discovery for me was my strength and growth in my total fitness. I have continued with body back for a year now and honestly, I will admit I will never love a burpee. Though, I also know that I can be laying down playing a puzzle with my son,and if my toddler daughter makes a crazy b-line for the stairs, or something crazy, I can jump up from that position and grab her in less than a few seconds, so I guess that burpees might be useful after all."

To celebrate Caroline as M.O.M, and help you get fit for summer, we are launching a new membership option, our premiere access membership which allows you to attend all FIT4MOM classes for one price. You can read about this new membership option HERE.

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