June Attendance Challenge

Raise your hand if you are slacking in the workout department because #covidlife? <insert emoji of me raising my hand...actually both hands>

There is a reason why small group in person training is one of the best ways to stay focused in your workouts and stay on track with your goals. The reason is it WORKS! Knowing you are going to see your mom squad day in and day out keeps you motivated to keep going to those sweat sessions.

While we can't meet in person now, we CAN keep motivating each other to work out in the virtual world. As trainers, we know that recordings are easy, and we love them, but you can't beat a good old fashioned live session with your fave instructors and friends.

Enter our June LIVE attendance challenge! <Tosses confetti everywhere>

For every LIVE virtual class you attend, you get to fill in on FIT4MOM bubble. Hit 15 bubbles in the month of June and win a prize. That's right. All you have to do is hit that goal of 15 bubbles and YOU GET A PRIZE. All moms who hit that number will be entered to win a grand prize. WOOT WOOT!

Just print off this cute attendance tracker, hang it on your fridge, and start planning out how you'll get those 15 classes in!

Copy of Spring Marathon 2020 Tracker.png