Abductor Clamshell

Mama Move Monday- Abductor Clamshell

An abduction clam shell is a great workout for mamas looking for some tushy-toning that is also gentle on the knees and back. In an abduction clamshell, we are opening our knees away from our body. To start, come down into a side lying position, elbow stacked under your shoulder. You want to make sure you lift up and out of that shoulder, not collapse down into it. I like to imagine I am wearing a brand new necklace that I want everyone to see. Stack your knees so they are on a decline from your hips. Now stack those feet on top of each other. Place your top hand in front of your belly to allow for counter balance, and to make sure you don't sink into that glute. Open your knees, keeping your feet connected. Repeat the open and close (just like a clamshell!) for your desired amount of reps. It doesn't take many for you to feel it! Your glutes and hip muscles should be doing all of the work. Want to add more range of motion to this exercise? Just open that top leg, then tap your top foot to the inside of your bottom foot, then close.

Modification note: If you need to get out of the shoulder, you can take this into a side lying position.

This exercise should be done on both sides.