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Mama Move Monday- Hip Bridge

We love Hip Bridges/Glute Bridges in all FIT4MOM classes, but especially for our prenatal and newly postpartum clients. A hip bridge has the same benefits of a squat, but puts minimal pressure on the back and knees.

How to do a Hip Bridge (adapted from ACE)

Starting Position: Lie on your back on the floor in a bent-knee position with your feet flat on the floor. Place your feet hip-width apart with the toes facing away from you. Gently contract your abdominal muscles to flatten your low back into the floor. Attempt to maintain this gentle muscle contraction throughout the exercise

Upward Phase: Gently exhale while holding your abdominal contraction and press your hips upwards off the floor into extension by contracting your glutes. At the same time press your heels into the floor for more stability. Avoid pushing your hips too high as this generally increases the amount of arching in your low back. (We don't want arching, mamas!)

Lowering Phase: Inhale and slowly lower yourself back towards your starting position.

Progression: Gradually progress this exercise by starting with both feet together and extending one leg while in the raised position.