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Mama With the Gym Hair: A Body Back Transformation Story

Body Back Blog Post - Pre-Session

Hi, I’m Jess, a FIT4MOM lifer! Over the next eight weeks I’ll keep you posted on my Body Back Transformation journey. I hope you’ll join me.

Let me tell you more about myself. My husband Steve and I have been living in the DC area since he graduated from law school; he’s an attorney for the federal government. I worked for a literacy nonprofit until our daughter Elena was a year old. She’s seven now, and big sister to our four-year-old son Daniel. I love making stuff (current favorite crafts include knitting and sewing) and would love to carve out time for more. I still volunteer at my old nonprofit too.

I’ve been going to Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre since Elena was a little less than two years old. (See? Lifer.) We went about once a week, all the way through my pregnancy with Daniel, and headed back once he was a few weeks old. It’s great to hang out with other moms, plus I know I’m doing something good for myself and my kids. As the kids got older, though, and our schedule started filling up with different activities and commitments, I let my attendance lapse to about once every couple of weeks. And even though the classes were challenging--I can’t count how many times I was too sore (in a good way) to walk up the stairs, laugh, or sometimes even sit up in bed the day after class--I honestly wasn’t really pushing myself.

I was interested in Body Back when it first came to our area but I didn’t try it. Although I liked the idea of a kid-free workout just for moms, I wasn’t sure how to fit it in. Then one day after Stroller Strides some other FIT4MOM teachers who attended the class were telling some of the moms about what Body Back is like. You could sign up for these amazing workouts either on a drop-in basis (Body Back BOOST), or you could sign up for the Transformation session for eight weeks of classes, recipes, and coaching on your fitness goals. There were a couple of different time slots offered but the one at 5:45AM lets you have the rest of your day ahead of you, so that aspect appealed to me; even though such an early time slot sounds daunting, it was the one that fit best with my family’s schedule. I also remembered that Jeanine, one of the Body Back instructors, had shared a picture of a Body Back recipe on Facebook and described the program as 70% nutrition and 30% exercise. That encouraged me too because on the days when it might be hard to squeeze in a workout, or maybe you’ve underslept because your kids were up sick all night, you can still take care of yourself by eating well. A couple of weeks later, FIT4MOM Falls Church Vienna Fairfax announced a Body Back open house with free classes for a week, and I thought I’d finally take the plunge!

My fitness level has gone up and down over time, nothing drastic. I was once on another weight-loss program which generally encouraged good nutrition, but it also rewarded choosing, say, reduced-fat margarine over butter, or a SnackWell cookie over a homemade cookie with pronounceable ingredients. I’m now trying to minimize heavily processed foods in our family’s diet, and I like the Transformation program’s focus on real food. I don’t think my eating habits are terribly poor, but I know I also add in more of the less nutritious stuff than is good for me. There are days when all I want for dinner for myself is a pack of Doritos and a glass of milk (don’t judge), but at least preparing meals for the rest of my family, especially for little growing bodies, keeps me from going down that route; they don’t know it but they hold me accountable. I’m ready for the extra level of accountability in the Transformation program so I can develop better habits.

I don’t remember what my pre-pregnancy weight was, but my current weight is close to my first-trimester weight. Losing five pounds over the course of an eight-week session sounds reasonable. If I hit that goal before the eight-week mark, I’ll keep going! I’d like to have some strength and endurance goals too for the session too; I think if I’m able to hold a plank for a minute-plus, that core and arm strength will help me pick up and carry my preschooler, who is not as small as he thinks he is. I also have a history of wrist pain (DeQuervain’s syndrome, AKA mommy thumb) and knee pain, so I am always on the lookout for exercise modifications and props that will help prevent flare-ups.

I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with you!

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