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Mama with the Gym Hair- a Body Back Transformation Story Week 3

Body Back Week 2

I’m loving the sunshine and warmer weather we’ve been having lately!

Spring has been the theme for the week at Body Back. One of Jeanine’s classes this week was picnic-themed; our props were red Solo cups and paper plates. I was able to carve out time to go to class on Saturday too, which Nikki taught. The rain predicted earlier in the week held off and we had class outdoors in the park. Some blossoms which must have bloomed after our late-season snow a few weeks ago were also out for us to admire.We ran or power-walked from station to station and had about two miles’ worth of steps during that hour. Not too shabby!

One of the things I love about Body Back classes is the variety. There’s a different format every time, so you’re never bored. Here’s my counting sheet from our I Can Do Hard Things workout. It’s a great example of competing only with yourself, with no judgement of any kind from anyone. For each round, you try to do as many of each move as you can in a minute. For some of the moves, my count was pretty stable (11 burpees in the first round versus 13 in the last one), but for others, there was a big difference--from 30 to 73 crunches!

I’m not eating any sweets or junk food until after Easter, and since that’s in the middle of my Body Back session, I hope that the discipline and habits from class will help me not go off the rails once those foods are no longer forbidden. Here’s a food journal entry from the weekend; I’ve got some good habits going, and I’m working on others:

Breakfast: Bran muffin, ½ cup orange juice, ½ banana

Snack: None

Lunch: Spinach meatballs, ½ cup pasta sauce, spiralized celeriac noodles, ½ apple. (The meatballs have become a favorite make-and-freeze-ahead Body Back recipe. We’ve sold them to the kids in the house as Kermit meatballs, but you could name them after Yoda, Ninja Turtles, Percy, etc.)

Snack: ⅛ cup almonds, ⅛ cup dried apricots

Dinner: Roast chicken, biscuit, broccoli, ½ apple, ¾ chocolate skim milk

Jeanine’s tips for the week: Try swapping out some of the carbs (like that biscuit) for whole grain bread, brown rice, or quinoa; but also be mindful of moderation versus total elimination so that good habits will stick in the long run.

I’m becoming more tuned to my hunger and fullness. I had an errand to run late Sunday evening and I ended up eating dinner an hour later than usual. I was surprised that I didn’t feel hungry until I came home, especially since I often feed myself extra snacking during meal prep. Being busy and distracted worked to my advantage! Now to plan that level of distractedness ahead.

Looking forward to week three! I’m planning on trying some more recipes from the Body Back cookbook.

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