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March Instructor of the Month

"Heather is one of my favorite instructors for several reasons! She's creative and always puts a lot of thought into making the classes fun. The treats she brings to class are the BEST! And most of all, she's always there to lend an ear or commiserate about the many joys of motherhood. :)"- Meg K

"She makes Barre class look effortless! She has the best recipes and is a master at meal planning. She knows every baby product, has tested every product, and can tell you which ones are worth buying. She makes the best baked goods around!" -Caroline E

"I have known Heather for many years since we worked together at school. She went from a preppy collar-popping, Lily wearing, monogram-loving school psychologist to a graceful smiling over-night oat making momma. Heather has a subtle sense of humor that will surprise you when you need it most. Her calm ways are most comforting when you are feeling frazzled. She always seems to know what to say when you need it the most. I’m so glad that Heather and I can embark on this next journey together as we Stroller Stride and Stroller Barre our way through the toddler years together. Cheers to you my New Englander friend! XOXOXOXOX" - Natacha M

It's obvious that our moms love Stroller Barre instructor, Heather. She is a wonderful addition to the FIT4MOM Falls Church Vienna team and our March Instructor of the Month!

Heather has been with us since March of 2015. She joined Stroller Strides after leaving her job to be a full time mommy to her little man. From the moment she started coming, I knew she was special. I loved her sweet energy, her kind heart, and her willingness to share her thoughts and experience both about life and motherhood.

When I announced that I was looking to add to our team, I approached Heather and she was very enthusiastic about the opportunity, especially for the opportunity to teach Stroller Barre since she has dance a background. Most moms instructors don't jump into teaching Stroller Barre without first teaching Stroller Strides because it is a tougher class to teach and requires a lot more training. Not Heather. She jumped into a weekend of FIT4MOM training and received not one but THREE FIT4MOM certifications in one weekend. But those of you who know Heather know that's how she does thing...with a full heart and ready to go attitude.

Heather took over our Stroller Barre classes last fall and since then, we have doubled our Monday classes and added an extra Stroller Barre class on Wednesdays.

I love having Heather as a part of our team because she is an all around team player, supporting and training other instructors when she needs to, she teaches well planned, fun classes for both mom and baby, and she's willing to take on a challenge when needed. I am proud to not only call her my teammate, but my friend as well!

We love you, Heather!

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