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May Instructor of the Month

There have been a few moments in my career as a FIT4MOM franchisee where I have had "AHA!" moments. This month's instructor of the month, Cat, walking into her first Stroller Strides class was one of them.

Cat came to class one day last summer with her toddler, Max. I was intimidated. She was FIT. (Only later did I discover that she was an Ironman... a fact that I would wear on a t-shirt daily while shouting it from the rooftops, but not her...she's more modest than I am!) Having recently quit her job as an attorney to be a SAHM, she was looking for fun things to do with her son. She also informed us that she was planning on moving soon and was interested in maybe buying her own franchise someday,

I don't typically hire people I don't know well, and certainly people who have never been to my classes. But Cat was different...I suggested she come on board to get her feet wet, that way when she did move, she'd have great teaching experience under her belt.

Well, Cat has done more than get her feet wet. She took over our Tuesday classes at Mosaic District last October and in that time she has touched dozens of moms and babies. Our Tuesday classes are consistently our largest and I know that Cat is the reason why. She makes every single mom that comes through that door feel special and remarkable. Even as the owner, I feel special when I attend her classes because that's just how Cat is.

In addition to teaching Stroller Strides classes, Cat is also a running coach and has inspired a lot of our mamas to be better and stronger runners. Need a babysitter? She's your girl. Cat will take any excuse to snuggle on our Stroller Strides babies and mamas.

When I brought Cat on, it was supposed to be temporary, two months tops. I am so grateful that she's still teaching with us today and am happy to keep her on our team for as long as we can!

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