Meet Amy!

Amy is the general Manager of FIT4MOM Falls Church|Vienna|Fairfax and a busy mom to two boys. She teaches Stroller Strides & Stroller Barre at our Fairfax & Reston locations and taught FIT4BABY while expecting baby #2.

How did you find our village and what made you become a client?

I found out about the village because my cousin's wife in Austin, TX would be tagged in photos from something called Fit4Mom. I googled that name and found this franchise. Tried my first class shortly after deciding that I would not be returning to work and I loved it - the workout was nice but I really came for the company of other moms. We don't have family here and none of our local friends had children yet so I needed a tribe. I joined when Jack was 10 weeks old and my husband would tell you that there was immediately a huge difference in my mood and outlook when he would get home at night. No one really prepares you for how isolating it can be to have a tiny baby and the routine of going to class and talking to other moms was so helpful for me.

What made you want to become an instructor?

Two weeks after I became a client, Jaclyn sent out a hiring email and I thought, I could do that. Being in front of a crowd is not my comfort zone but I wanted something to do for myself since I wasn't working outside the home. Planning/teaching classes (and later doing the manager work) keeps my toe in the workforce and is a nice creative outlet. When I did the training, I was still getting to know the village but the friendships I've formed since then and seeing some of my earliest clients also having their second children and going through that together is what keeps me here.

What is your favorite thing about being a part of our village?

The moms! The wealth of mom knowledge! The funny memes! I joined the village looking for a tribe and I found one. It's so easy to be in the company of our mamas because they've been there - whether you're first trimester sick and just trying to get through class in August (me last summer) or you're delirious with sleep deprivation from a super gassy baby (me now), they lend support or advice or a hug with no judgment.

What is your favorite exercise to incorporate into your workouts?

I love squats and all the variations of them. They work several big muscle groups in the legs/glutes and I firmly believe that we need ALL the leg/glute muscles as mamas so we can do all the lifting, pushing, and carrying that's involved in this mommin' job without causing long term damage to our backs.

What is something that most people don't know about you?

Hmm...I collect llamas/alpacas. I have loved llamas since I was 18 (seriously, I've gone hiking with them and visited random alpaca farms) and have been collecting figurines, shirts, stamps, cards, stuffed animals, etc. since then. It's just lucky for me that they're having a bit of a moment now.

What is your favorite meal or snack for before or after a workout?

I'm vegetarian, so usually peanut butter toast for protein (or previously eggs for protein but those bother the baby) before Stroller Strides/Barre.