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My scariest moment...

I live on a busy street in my little city. We see barely a car go by during the day but in the mornings and early evenings, it really picks up. Our driveway is long and our garage sits at the back of our property. The kids like to ride their bikes and scooters up and down the driveway. We make them stop at the big crepe myrtle tree about 3/4 of the way down so that they don't accidentally roll into the street. They take turns yelling "Turn 'round!" so each sibling is reminded.

I watch them like a hawk, My eyes are never off them for a second when we are playing in the driveway, I trust that they won't go into the street. That they understand what would happen if they did. That they know it's dangerous. That they shouldn't do it.

Until, one Friday afternoon, my four old didn't remember.

Ball. Toddler in my arms. Laughter. Ball rolls toward street. Truck is coming. 4 year old is running...

I scream his name and run after him as a truck barrels past our driveway. I barely have him in my arms when his ball bursts from the truck running over it. All that's running through my mind is "That was almost his head". He cried. I cried. His sister cried. Neighbors came running worried that he'd been hit.

I was standing no more than a couple of feet from him and I almost lost him. I wasn't being negligent or distracted. If the worst had happened, it would not have been my fault. That moment plays in my mind every time we go outside and I see the end of our driveway. Every time I watch him play and run, I think how fortunate I am that I was fast enough to grab him before he ran in the street that afternoon.

Mamas, there will be scary moments. There will be accidents. Hug those babies close to you today and know that you are being the best mom you can be!

(Photo of my little man and I by Betsey Darley Photography)

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