Putting your own oxygen mask on first

Above-My children discovering that their mother can wear something other than yoga pants and tank tops!

Do you know that airlines have to tell people to put their own oxygen masks on before assisting others because they know that mamas are going to care for their babies and everyone else on that plane in the event of an emergency and totally forget about themselves? I assume that the dads on the plane would do the same but for arguments sake, let's say it's really said for the mamas on board. :)

I'm one of those moms. I dove head first into wife-hood and then mama hood and left behind the old me. I love the girl I am now but I've been so elbow deep in diaper changes, erratic sleep schedules, homework shuffle and work hustle that I forgot who Jaclyn was. That girl I was before I became WIFE and MAMA. She was kind of cool from what I remember!

One night while teaching Body Back I asked my mamas what was one thing they'd like to do that they haven't done in awhile. My thing was "act in a play". While I am generally the one doing the encouraging at class, I was encouraged by mamas that night to go out and audition. Thanks to that encouragement, I did, and this week marks my return to the stage, something that I gave up when I got married and never thought I would return to. Mamas, it has pumped me up! I have been a happier mama the past few weeks because I am doing something that is just for me.

I know it is hard, especially when you have tiny tiny littles that need you 24/7. I am by no means suggesting that you run out and do what I did. But what I am suggesting as a fellow mom is that you take time each week to do something that is JUST for you. Maybe it's carving out time for one Body Back class a week. Maybe it's taking a warm bubble bath by candlelight. Or maybe it's reading a new book while the baby naps. Whatever it is, find it and reclaim that girl you used to know. She's in there. I see her and I want you to see her too.