This Small Business Saturday, help us continue our mission

This is me. Fourteen years old in a Guatemalan Asentamiento translating the words of a sweet mama for two American doctors. I don't remember why she visited us that day, but I remember the impact she and every mama made on me. My desire to serve mothers began at an early age, but these experiences in my youth cemented it.

When I became a nanny, I did it to support the mamas who needed me.

When I became a doula after the birth of my first child, I did it to support the mamas who needed me.

When I became a FIT4MOM franchise owner, I continued with that personal mission of supporting the mamas who needed me.

When you choose to support my small business, you allow me to support all the moms in my greater community through the village we’ve created. My business provides for my family, but it also feeds my soul by providing my local community a place to support all the moms.

For every pass or plan purchased this weekend, I am gifting one to a mom in our community in need. All moms need a village. We are here for #allthemoms.