Turkey Headbands

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble it is almost Thanksgiving! We love holiday’s and holiday crafts around here- especially cute and easy ones! These are great to make while we count down the days to Thanksgiving, or even as a fun Thanksgiving day activity! Let’s make a turkey headband-

Here’s what you need:


-Tape or a Stapler

-Black Marker (optional)

-Turkey craft bag (if you didn’t pickup a bag you need construction paper, a red balloon, wiggly eyes, and feathers- or just use crayons or markers and construction paper)

Here’s how to do it:

STEP 1: Glue eyes on your Turkey face

STEP 2 (optional): Draw on some eyelashes

STEP 3: Glue or tape on the red balloon to the center of the face

STEP 4: Glue or tape the orange beak over the red balloon

STEP 5: Attach the brown extender piece to the turkey head (tape. Glue, or a quick staple)

STEP 6: Measure your kiddos head and attach the other side of the extender to the turkey head (you should now have a headband with a Turkey face)

STEP 7: Pick up a colored strip, put on end on either side of the back of the headband (on the brown extender piece) staple or glue it into place

STEP 8: Repeat Step 7 until all the color strips are attached

STEP 9: Attach feathers with tape to the back of the Turkey head

There you go! You have a Turkey Headband!