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Woman Crush Wednesday: Celebrating our C-Section Mamas

Dear C section scar:

I’ll be the first to admit I was terrified of natural and vaginal birth. After being induced with Pitocin, nothing progressed. We were faced with either going home, staying for another night in an uncomfortable bed, or having a c-section since my baby was measuring large. Since it was the night before halloween, I decided to just have a c-section. The whole birthing experience was terrifying —mostly getting the epidural was the worst part!

The Head Anesthesiologist doctor asked me, “do you work?” After I nodded yes, he said…. “what do you do for a living?”

Overwhelmed and stressed, I said “I do not know! (I literally worked the day before)! To which he replied, “Take a breath, I am trying to get you to relax!” Exhale.

Looking back it was the best decision for me. I felt like giving birth was the hardest undertaking. My first c-section was more challenging, in that I had no idea what to expect in terms of recovery and healing. My second baby was during the pandemic and that was challenging because I had less of a community to ask/accept for help. However with my second c-section, the pain and healing was faster!

To other mamas, my advice would be to take it slow, accept help, if you are not getting help ask and be specific (e.g., meal planning, night help).

Though my birth plan was not as planned, I am happy with my scar and all that it represents. Motherhood. Love. And two happy boys.