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Woman Crush Wednesday: Celebrating Our C-Section Mamas

April is C-Section Awareness Month. I’ve had two c-sections after a vaginal birth; one necessary for my health to get our angel baby here and one to welcome our rainbow baby. While their reasons and my mentality different for each, they were equally as emotional and powerful and I am grateful for the scars to remind me of what I am capable of.

I experienced the pain of an unplanned “belly birth” and the knowledge that came with the second to bring my babies into this world.

For a mama who may bring her baby earth-side via caesarian, I’d recommend the following in the first few weeks:

Arrange for and accept help, get up and get moving (but don’t push too hard), move slowly, drink a lot of water and eat well, REST, wear supportive undergarments, depends , laughing (and crying) will feel like the most painful thing you’ve endured, keep up with your meds and obviously talk to your doctor if anything feels off or too unbearable.

I know it’s so much easier said than done to rest, but you can’t properly take care of baby if you’re not taking care of yourself after having a major surgery, mama! You’ll soon turn the corner and begin to feel more like yourself. As you enter the postpartum stage, give yourself grace. Seek professionals to help regain pelvic/core stability and strength. Remember you’re stronger than you think