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Amy is the general Manager of FIT4MOM Falls Church|Vienna|Fairfax and a busy mom to two boys. She teaches Stroller Strides & Stroller Barre at our Fairfax & Reston locations and taught FIT4BABY while expecting baby #2.

How did you find our village and what made you become a client?

I found out about the village because my cousin's wife in Austin, TX would be tagged in...


Our bi-annual planking contest is BACK, mamas and bigger than ever. Are you ready to show us your planks?

  1. Post an image on Facebook or Instagram of you planking either at home or in a public place. Get creative! Get the kids involved if you can!
  2. Add a caption to the photo using the hashtag #planksgiving and mention FIT4MOM by tagging our public Facebook (...

Bedtime is one of those things about motherhood that is constantly changing. As my children get older, I'm getting closer and closer to the day where the tuck me in-get me a glass of water-scratch my back routine is quickly coming to an end, and I thought I was excited about that.

Truth be told, I've never enjoyed the whole bedtime routine thing. I'm tired, they're tired (or not), and I just want it to all be over with so I can sit on...


Above-My children discovering that their mother can wear something other than yoga pants and tank tops!

Do you know that airlines have to tell people to put their own oxygen masks on before assisting others because they know that mamas are going to care for their babies and everyone else on that plane in the event of an emergency and totally forget about themselves? I assume that the dads on the plane would do the same...


Today's blog is from our sister franchisee, Kat out in sunny CA! To read more about Kat (and maybe refer a friend!) and find out about her classes, visit her website.

I Want to Try Stroller Strides, But My Child Won’t Stay in the Stroller!

This is the number one reason moms of toddlers won't try a class, even though our classes are filled with toddlers. And I get it! There was a period of...


Motherhood is usually portrayed online by smiles, kisses and cuddles, but in reality, it’s SO much more. Let’s pull back the curtain to help make moms struggling with sleep deprivation, sickness, messes and toddler meltdowns know they’re not alone. We’ve all been there and have humorous stories to share. From now until Friday, August 18th, we are hosting a contest to encourage our village to share REAL mom moments. Here’s how it...


May was all about Mama but that doesn't mean the kiddos didn't have fun as well! While it's been raining a lot in NOVA, we've been taking advantage of the sunshine while we have it with impromptu playdates after Stroller Strides classes.

Mosaic instructor Carrie brought her big parachute to class and it was a HUGE hit for the mamas and littles. We took turns making it go up and down and even giggled when we got "trapped" underneath...


Body Back Week 8

I’m so excited about my results, you guys! I lost seven pounds and more than seven inches during my eight-week session. I beat my previous times and did more reps on all my strength and endurance tests (except for sit-ups--oof). Check my stats and photos!

Big thanks to Jeanine, Nikki, Jaclyn, all the Body Back instructors, and my teammates. It’s great to be surrounded by so many inspiring...


Hello, friends! Just a quick check-in with you guys. By the time you read this, I will be a few days away from wrapping up my Transformation session. I’m feeling pretty confident about what my results will be, at least in terms of my goals (planking for at least a minute, lose at least five pounds and then maintain after Easter). Otherwise, I haven’t tested myself on any of the assessment points, such has how many bicep curls I can do in a...


We survived spring break! We stayed in town and (I’m dating myself here) I became Cruise Director Julie and shuttled Elena and Daniel to various activities. Stroller Strides wasn’t in the cards for us because I’d just sold off our double stroller, so those early-morning Body Back classes were more important than ever to keep me sane before I had to be on for the day.

Our usual Saturday early morning activities...


Body Back Week 4

I like to cook, but I don’t always love it, and it can be hard to make meals and snacks when the kids are underfoot. I’m a big fan of prepping ahead, or making ahead and freezing big batches. I try to do a lot of this when they’re asleep or in school, but sometimes that doesn’t work out and I just have to carry on in the kitchen while they’re otherwise occupied; during those times I try to ignore...