Mama With the Gym Hair: A Body Back Transformation Story Week 7

Hello, friends! Just a quick check-in with you guys. By the time you read this, I will be a few days away from wrapping up my Transformation session. I’m feeling pretty confident about what my results will be, at least in terms of my goals (planking for at least a minute, lose at least five pounds and then maintain after Easter). Otherwise, I haven’t tested myself on any of the assessment points, such has how many bicep curls I can do in a minute, but I figure there should be improvements on every point.

As with Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre, I’ve enjoyed being part of this great group of strong, motivated women. For many years I was too self-conscious about my body to exercise in any format other than solo. I love the challenge of doing something that wouldn’t have come naturally to my younger self but now helps me feel good.

Physically, the hardest part of this session is getting enough sleep the night before class! (Your mileage may vary if you choose a class at a different time of day.) I love my quiet night-owl time and would love to go to bed at 2am and wake up around 10am or later, but that hasn’t been an option since I was a student. I now set an alarm in the evening to remind me to start getting ready for bed. The hardest mental hurdle I’ve had to get over is being honest in my food journal. Because journaling initially felt like homework, I had to shift from feeling like I would be “graded” on whether I ate “good” or “bad” foods to realizing that the journal was just a snapshot of my day, a tool to help pinpoint what I could do better to meet my fitness goals. No judgement, just thoughtful coaching and suggestions! And I now have some more nutritious, family-friendly recipes in our menu rotation too.

I’ll share my results with you next week after the end-of-session assessments. I’m really curious what the numbers will be!