Mama With the Gym Hair: FINAL RESULTS!!!

Body Back Week 8

I’m so excited about my results, you guys! I lost seven pounds and more than seven inches during my eight-week session. I beat my previous times and did more reps on all my strength and endurance tests (except for sit-ups--oof). Check my stats and photos!

Big thanks to Jeanine, Nikki, Jaclyn, all the Body Back instructors, and my teammates. It’s great to be surrounded by so many inspiring women.

I’ve gotten a monthly pass and plan on keeping up Body Back at least twice a week and a Stroller Barre or Stroller Strides class once a week too. I feel like the subtle strength moves in Stroller Barre especially are a nice complement to Body Back’s HIIT format. I’ve come a long way from when I’d go to Stroller Strides maybe once every couple of weeks. I’m the strongest and most energetic I’ve ever been, which helps me help my family and community.

I’m not sure if I’ll continue journaling, but I’ve hit a happy medium with food. I haven’t cut certain foods out entirely (e.g. jasmine rice, which I grew up with), but now vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains make up a lot more of my diet than they used to. I’m better attuned to hunger and fullness, and when the munchies do hit, I’m more likely to reach for a drink of water or maybe some herbal tea first instead of chips or the kids’ candy stash.

I’ve had fun this session, not only by going to my classes but by sharing my stories with you. I hope you take the time for yourself that you deserve and sign up for a Transformation session too. What can you become?